Co-Curricular Activities

At District Public School and College we encourage all our students to get involved and they do. Your studies should be your first priority, of course, but we also believe that you need to learn outside the class room as well. Goals, thrill, colors, excitement and friendships all this and more make the life on the campus blossom and smile all year round in scintillating activities. Extensive co-curricular activities are a way to soften tough and grilling academic rigour. The interactive and co curricular learning techniques include the following:


Debate is an art one can acquire through sheer practice. The objective of having this is to create interest in public speaking amongst the students by instilling in them the requisite knowledge and improving their public speaking. The students have also participated in various competitions held in other schools, Arts Council and won many prizes.

Inter-House Competitions

The students of each wing of District Public School & College are divided into three houses and through inter-house competitions of miscellaneous activities etc. The students are provided the opportunity to develop their personality. The students are taken to limits of fair play competition, team work and discipline.

Sports Week

Healthy minds live in healthy bodies. Sports club arranges all sorts of competitions to channel boundless energies of our students. Indoor and outdoor games, under the supervision of PTIs and class teacher provide the base for healthy body and open minds. The school has four wings. Each wing is divided inti four houses. Every year a "sports week" is held. The winner houses are awarded with "Champion Trophies".

Study/Recreational Tours

Study/Recreational Tours are regular feature of DPS are the major source to impart knowledge and to prepare the students to meet the challenges of life.