The Evaluation of academic assimilation of students is done through terminal examinations as well as Bi-Monthly Tests. The progress and performance of students is duly shared with Parents in organized PTMs or through correspondence SMS service. The terminal examinations have the following weightage/schedule:-






1st Term

10% August  

2nd Term

30% November  
  Final Term



The Schedule of BI-Monthly Tests/Test Series is prepared well before time by the Section Heads and duly commuicated to the Parents. A proper test record for each student is maintained by the Class Teacher. The Invigilation criteria as followed in the Board Exams is exerciced in all type of exams/tests.

Promotion Policy

The evaluation marks the strength of any institution and gauges the assimilation of students at different levels. Following criteria is followed by DPS & IC for the students from Nursery to class VIII for promotion of students to the next class.

  • The overall Pass %age is at least 70% marks in aggregate. 
  • The students failing in more than one major subjects are marked  FAIL where as the failure of one subject with 60% marks in the failing subject and 70% in aggregate are provisionally promoted subject to passing the next terminal examination of the promoted class, failing which they are demoted.
  • The students failing twice including one conditional promotion will be struck off from the college roll.
  • For Secondary/Higher Secondary classes two Terminal exams and one Pre-Board exam is conducted.
  • Test series conducted prior to the Pre-Board exam is mandatory for the students to prepare them for Board exams.     
  • The students are not awarded garce marks subject wise by the teachers. The section heads or Principal either may award grace marks upto a maximum of  05 score if deemed necessary due to the known reasons once in the session and not in generality.

Note: No Retake or Resit is conducted for any terminal examination in any case. However, the students assessment may be done on the basis of their performance in Bi-Monthly tests in the event of their unavoidable absence.