Science Laboratories

Ability without opportunity is incomplete. To meet the Scientific challenges of current era, science laboratories strive to provide excellent practical opportunities to its students. Six science labs (three for boys and three for girls) are fully equipped with required apparatus. Qualified science teachers along with the trained lab assistants/attendants are deputed to facilitate the students. These laboratories provide students an opportunity to supplement their classroom education with practical hands-on-experience.

Computer Laboratories

Three air-conditioned, spacious, modern computer laboratories, (For Boys, Girls & Juniors separately) equipped with Core i-3 & Dual Core Computers are available for students. Internet facility, Smart Boards, LED and Multimedia Projectors are available for students. Qualified teaching staff has been recruited to impart the knowledge of computer science. At present, all the students of class I to VIII are studying computer science. For Matric & Inter computer science is being offered as an examination subject in lieu of Biology & Chemistry respectively

Library Facilities

Library is the most important facility at any educational institution. Central,air conditioned library provides a wide range of up-to-date information using the latest reference books and periodicals in different subject areas. Library periods are reflected in the time table and the students are taken to the library by the teacher to inculcate in them the habit of reading and making use of their spare time in a constructive manner.

Nursery Activities & Apparatus

Latest equipment to teach the concepts to the little kids are available. Montessori trained teachers have been appointed to facilitate such teaching / learning process.

Health Care

The measures to ensure the upkeep of the standard of health and sanitation are essential in an institution where children of tender age pass their major time. So, to provide first aid and medical facilities to the students and faculty a health centre/sick room has been established under the supervision of a qualified nurse and medical attendant. They are also assigned the duty to maintain hygienic conditions at the campus.


Three canteens (separately for boys, girls & junior sections) are present where quality eatables and stationery items are provided at reasonable prices.


Cleanliness is Godliness. So, trained, experienced and well equipped 8 sanitary workers remain busy to keep the campus neat and clean.

Safe And Clean Drinking Water

Water filters are attached with eight electric water coolers to provide safe and clean drinking water to students/ employees.

Healthy Atmosphere

Lush green, beautifully and artistically designed lawns with ornamental plants and seasonal flowerbeds present the highly attractive landscape. A large variety of hundreds of trees make the campus environment friendly. Different kinds of birds provide an eye catching scene.

Safe And Secure Campus

Alert and highly professional 11 (including  one lady guard) security guards equipped with proper communication system along with PTIs and MODs, make the campus safe and secure for the students. 16 CCTV Cameras have been installed in whole campus for foolproof security and vigilance system.

Religious Education

Religious education,alongwith the modern and highly interactive learning programmes,is being provided to the students for the character building and to inculcate moral values.Islamiyat is a compulsory subject at all stages of instructions.

Audio-Visual Aids Room

Audio-Visual Aids room equipped with LED, Smart Board, DVD Player, Speakers, a large variety of CDs along with Montessori Teaching apparatus provides an excellent learning/leisure place for kids of junior section.

Childern Park

A large variety of different swings fixed in the grassy lawns is a great attraction for kids. Students of the junior section use this facility under the supervision of PTI and class teacher.