Rules And Regulations

The non compliance of any rule or code of conduct by a student or parents shall be deemed as a serious breach of the order and good descipline of the institution. 

General  Rules (For Students)

  • Concurrent admission at any other institution is not allowed.
  •  Admission obtained on false documentation is liable to disciplinary action.
  • Students must be respectful to the faculty, administrative staff and fellow students.
  • Any political activity or indecent behavior in or around the campus is a punishable offense.
  • Students must carry ID cards on the campuses and at DPS functions.
  • All students are required to follow the dress code.
  • Students must clear their dues before appearing in mid-term and final examinations, failure to do so will prevent them from appearing in their respective examinations.
  • No makeup assignments, quizzes and presentations are allowed after due dates, unless permission is sought from the concerned teacher.

Leave Rules

The following points may be borne in mind in connection with leave:

  •  Leave of absence must be obtained before the child absents himself except in the case of sudden illness. 
  •  A separate application should be sent for each child as the application has to the concerned class teachers
  • Ordinarily not more than three days leave should be applied. 
  • Class and section of the child must be mentioned on leave application.
  • A medical certificate should be attached in case of illness.
  • Leave must be recommended by the parents.
  • Exact dates for which the leave is required should be given in all cases
  • The applications must be written on proper paper and should be delivered to the concerned class teachers and not left in the office.
  • The name of the child is automatically removed from the school roll, if he is absent without leave for six or more working days in a month, Rupees 1000.00 will be charged if he is re-admitted. 
  • A fine of absence is charge at the rate of Rs. 10/- per day.

Guideline for Parents

It is the responsibility of the Parents to ensure that the students: - 

  • Complete their home assignments.
  • Bring all the necessary books, note books, drawing material, Atlases, small dictionary en and pencils etc. 
  • Private tuition is not allowed, however they can arrange it at their own.
  • Come to school in the prescribed uniform, which should be clean and tidy and attend the school with punctuality.

To ensure the better performance & discipline of the students, Parents must take care of the following school rules: -

  • Students are not allowed to drive scooters, motor cycles and cars in the school campus. Habits are formed in early life. To enable the children to grow as citizens with a sense of discipline and responsibility there should be complete co-operation between the parents and teachers.
  • Admission number must be quoted while applying for any kind of certificate. 
  • Children are encouraged to read newspapers and useful books other than text books and to use their leisure time in cultivating use full hobbies.
  • Children may be provided with not more than Rupees fifty daily to enable them to buy some refreshment during break. 
  • See that the students bicycle has a lock 
  • Mobile phone is not allowed.
  • Students are not called to the telephone while at school except in emergency.
  • Students will not be allowed to ring valuable articles (rings, costly watches etc) to school.   
  • It is absolutely essential that the home and the school pull in the same direction. Parents will therefore, not give such instructions to their child as may be contradictory to the instructions given by the teacher. In case of doubt a reference will always be made to the principal. Never citizen the teacher or the school administration within the hearing of the children. This is in the best interest of your child. 
  • Parents must check the students daily.
  • All school dues must be cleared in time.
  • The dues once paid are non refundable.
  • The parents must pick their children after the pack up time. The college ill not take any responsibility after 30 minutes of pack up.

Parents Teacher Coordination

The parent’s teachers meetings are held at the end of each term. Regular Participation of the Parents at these meetings is highly desirable. The written scripts duly marked by the teachers except terminal examinations are discussed with the parents. Besides the academic result, matters pertaining to the conduct / behavior / discipline and the performance of individual student in various co curricular activities are also discussed with the parents. These meetings have proved to be very useful in improving the overall performance of both the students and teachers in various fields of school life. Parents are, therefore requested to attend these meetings regularly. 

Visit By the Parents

No parents/ visitors is allowed to see teachers during the classes. This is essential to ensure that the classes are not disturbed. Parents are welcomed to bring their problems to the Principal. However, in case the class teacher or the subject teacher wants to discuss something with the parents/ he/she should indicate specific time when he/she will be free for discussion. Parents may be advised to see the teacher in the library or reception room. Sanctity of the class room will be preserved.