Talent Pool Fund

Policy /Guidelines

District Public School & Inter College Khushab is an Institution established by the District Public Welfare Society Khushab with an aim to prove quality education to the children of general masses of the area. The institution is a non-profitable organization and its financial management is totally dependent on the meager income of tuition fee. Hence, the institution cannot afford to accord any concession in the tuition fee to any student as a policy.
The institution acknowledges of BOG to take every possible measure to provide all out equal opportunities to the needy students and financially hard pressed parents to continue their education by establishing a Talent Pool Fund. The fund is generated though donations and Zakat fund to provide financial help in the shape. Of tut ion fee, books and uniform etc. The fund is duly accounted, audited and maintained by the college account section under the supervision of the Member of BOG, Mr Rasheed Ahmd Chatha, E#. D. Pak Kuwait Mills Ltd Jauahrabad. The following committee is responsible for the following committee is responsible for the disbursement of stipends:






Members X Donor BOG
VP (F) / VP (M)Headmistress
Senior Teachers (Male /Female )

Salient Features

The salient features of award criteria is as under: -

  •  The student who are orphans, sons / daughters of widows having meager sources of income, single parents or the parents whose monthly income does not exceed Rs.   12, 500/- pm   and raising a family of more than 05 members are to be considered for this award
  •  It is to be ensured that the parents fall into the category that Zakat can be donated
  • The students/ Parents are required to furnish income certificate duly verified by a notable of the area or an affidavit to the effect
  • The students availing the facility are to show well above average academic performance (700% and above) in the class and should bear good discipline and moral character
  • Such an award is to cease automatically on the conclusion of academic session in each case and is to be reconsidered for next session again
  • The cases of all awardees are to be got verified through other resources as well. The award is to be taken as a privilege pliers and not right y the applicants and other rules and regulations on payment of tuition fee stand active in case of award’s discontinuation